Certified Translation

One of the most in-demand segments of the translation industry are "official translations" -- translations that are in some way authenticated to be used and accept by the government of a country. Are all official translations the same? Are all official translations valid everywhere?

Sadly, not all official translations are created equal, and each country has its own standards and specifications for accepting translated documents. In the United States, for example, the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services), requests that all translations for immigration purposes be submitted as "certified translations".

A certified translation is a translation that is done by a professional translator, and then either the translation company or individual who has done the translation signs a declaration on an official company letterhead stating that the translation was done by a professional and is a true and exact representation of the original.

If you need a certified translation for immigration purposes, the process is very simple. The US government will happily accept electronic versions of the translations. Once you receive the translations from a professional translation company, such as Idiomatic USA, print them out, and off you go!

Idiomatic, as an international company, is also proud to offer official translations in multiple countries, including Spain and Canada. Our sister offices understand the requirements and intricacies of each country, and can provide you with a translation that will be accepted there.

Many times, people request an official translation in their country of origin and then bring it to their new country. Given that each country is different, these official translations from one country are often not valid in the other. You can save time and money by having the translation done from the beginning by a company in the destination country.

Do you need help with certified translations for the United States? We can help. Please get in touch with us here.