Translating Subtitles: What You Need to Know

Translating subtitles is an important aspect of video localization, which involves adapting video content to make it culturally and linguistically relevant to new audiences. Subtitling is a way to break down language barriers and make video content accessible to a wider audience. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about translating subtitles, including the challenges and strategies involved, and how to ensure high-quality translations.

Subtitling is a complex process that involves translating spoken dialogue into written text that appears on the screen. The goal of subtitling is to convey the meaning of the original dialogue accurately and clearly, while also taking into account the time constraints and visual context of the video. 

Key Considerations when Translating Subtitles:

Challenges of translating subtitles

How to Deal with Cultural References in Subtitling

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