Industries Needing Certified Translations

Not so long ago, many businesses and companies would not have thought about the need for translation services, let alone the certified translation services that have become so necessary. In fact, the impact of the Internet and globalization  on the world is amazing. 

People, goods and services can be connected in different parts of the world at the speed of light, and there is no evidence of this slowing down. Faced with this fact, our Idiomatic USA blog will highlight all companies that require officially certified translation services. 

What is a certified translation?

In the context of the United States, a certified translation is a translation that is accompanied by a letter affirming the accuracy of the translation compared to the original document. This document is usually written on the translation company's letterhead and signed by either the translator or director of the company

Read on to learn about the industry and the translation services it requires. 

 Industries and companies with the highest demand for certified translation services 

 Medical and healthcare sector 

 The demand for medical and healthcare translation services  does not stop with doctor and patient interpreters. In fact, there is a long list of documents required to certify translation services. Here are some of them: 

 Patient records 


 Medical reports 

 Drug information 


 Research documents 

Based on the list provided, you may wonder why these companies require translation services even when they serve people in a certain area, and these people can speak the same language. 

The answer is, for example, that there are many pharmaceutical companies operating in international markets. There is definitely a need, as many documents need to be translated into the target language of the field in which you work. 

 Legal Services 

There is always a  need for legal translation services. It is important to note that legal translators  must be properly trained to perform their services. 

In the case of the United States, where there are a large number of immigrants, legal translation services are useful for understanding terms and agreements on the same page. When translating legal documents, everything must be precise; Even the smallest mistake, like a misspelled word, can do a lot of damage. Certified translations are also a requirement for the submission of any documents to the United States immigration services. Read more about that here.

Other legal causes arise in the form of litigation. This is where there is a conflict with a multinational company,  for example, which is incorporated in Switzerland, but the legal documents are in French. 

Other legal documents requiring professional and certified translation services include: 


Case reports 


Witness statements 

Birth certificates 

Death certificates 

Marriage certificates 


Work permits 

Financial Services

There is no doubt that  translations will be done for global companies. That said,  significant growth comes with increased responsibility in terms of documentation. 

Of course, these documents must be translated into the target language of the country where you work. 

Some of these documents include the following: 


 Regulations and laws 

 Other terms of agreements 



 Within the financial sector context, it is best to acquire and translator who is vast in accounting and other financial terms and concepts. At some point, there’ll also be a need to translate business licenses, which means this translator must also be familiar with legal terms and concepts. 

 Manufacturing Industries 

Manufacturers ship all over the world and serve almost every other industry. That said, these companies require documents such as the following to be translated: 

Tax forms 

Compliance forms 

Patents and Trademarks 


Reports, Sale, and purchase agreements 

And the list could go on … 

When it comes to the imports and exports industry, all documentation must be accurately translated because if they’re not, the possibility of litigation can arise. There’s also the possibility of losing business because of incorrect information due to inaccurate or incorrect translations. 


E-commerce has spread due to the global epidemic, adding billions in revenue and acquiring many companies. While e-commerce platforms and businesses may not need to authenticate most of their information, professional translation and localization services are required. 

Websites, product descriptions, logos, social media, and  other branding and marketing materials must be translated and localized for the target market. 

Travel and Tourism  

International travel has become the norm. Today, people travel abroad for a myriad of reasons, including work, socializing, leisure and to reunite with family and friends. 

Given this fact, it is necessary to have an international driver's license, which must be translated, for example. Other travel documents include passports, visas, itineraries, etc.

In summary, if you're looking for certified translations of any kind, Idiomatic USA has you covered. All of our documents include a free Certificate of Translation in the price to attest to that translations accuracy. Also, if you need something even more official, we can offer notarization and Apostille services.  Get in touch with us today for a free quote.

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